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All parts are brand new.  If you choose to have an OS installed, your PC will come with a Windows installation Disc and  or Product Key Card with a genuine Windows Product key. Also included are the original discs that comes with the parts. All computers undergo various rigorous tests to ensure you receive a fully functional PC. 


We guarantee you will receive a well built, stable and reliable computer. All parts are purchased brand new.. no refurbs or open box parts are ever used in the building of any of our PCs. 

We also offer a ONE YEAR Parts and Labor Warranty on all our Machines**. 


We will replace and or reinstall any system component for a period of 1 year from the invoice date . If a replacement component is no longer available or discontinued, we reserve the right to substitute the component for an equivalent part, or offer an upgrade option. Should any problem arise, you may contact us by e-mail at sales@whiteboxpc.com. We offer a 2 week return and refund policy . Refunds can take up to 2-5 weeks in some cases. Please have your name and order number included in the email for faster assistance. After the 2 weeks are over...we can still repair or replace any component on the PC for a period of 1 year.

After the one Year is up, we still will offer you repair services. Most of the Components come with multiple years of manufacturer warranty and if they still fall under the manufacturer warranty, we will aid in the repair of the PC. We will not charge you for any repairs done but may charge you for unavailable or irreparable components (This only applies after the first year is up). 


Now this warranty does not cover failures caused by overclocking or modifications....so feel free to overclock but do so at your own risk.

Payment and Shipping info : 

We accept most popular credit cards

We ship in a very timely order.  Depending on parts availability, please allow between 5-16 Business days for parts to be ordered, assembled and tested. Some components may be back ordered.If for any reason your components will be delayed due to shipping, you will be notified at once and a new expected date will be set.  Once your PC has been fully assembled and tested, a tracking number will be obtained and your package will be shipped out to you via USPS. 

All computers shipped will be well packaged and sealed to avoid shipping damages. Also insurance for the full amount of the computer will be purchased  at NO ADDITIONAL cost to customer.  

For International Customers, our PC's are normally shipped as a "gift" on the customs form. This in some cases can help reduce the custom and tax fees***. Our PC's have been shipped to different countries, including England, India, Russia, Abu Dhabi , Saudi Arabia,  Italy and rarely do we get reports of excessive custom fees or taxes.

Shipping time may be delayed or increased due to custom inspections..

Shipping within the United States normally takes 2-5 business days AFTER PC has been assembled, tested  and dropped off at the USPS location.

Shipping outside the United States normally takes 6-12 business days AFTER PC has been assembled, tested  and dropped off at the USPS location.



If you have any shipping questions or concerns or need a tracking number for your purchase, please contact us at 






**    We offer a one year warranty from the day you receive your computer. This warranty  includes repair or replacement on all components \EXCLUDING  the Computer Case. Warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking or modifications. Feel free to overclock or modify but at your own risk. We are not responsible for any data loss while pc is in for repair.  Customers are responsible for shipping of computer or defective part(s) back to us for repairs. Computers or part(s) must be sent back  in a well packaged box as to avoid further damages during shipping. We are not responsible for damages caused while in transit. Once we receive the computer, the defective components will be repaired or in cases when replacements are needed, the defective part or parts will be promptly sent to the manufacturer for replacement. Once your computer is fully repaired and tested, Customer will be notified. Computer will be shipped back to customer at no additional cost to customer. Repairs or Replacement can take up to four weeks but we will do everything in our power to facilitate an expedited repair.
*** Custom fees, Taxes, and Duties are solely at the discretion of the Federal Governments.  Depending on your countries rates and taxes, marking an item as a gift is not a guarantee for lower fees. 
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