Jurney Starter: Ryzen 5 PC for Gaming And Streaming
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Start Your PC Journey with our Ryzen Custom Built PC

For the gamer new on the pc gaming scene or on a budget. Build, conquer, and every thing else in between. Play games like WOW, COD, APEX and plenty more with ease with this powerful first PC. can also be used for streaming.


  • cpu:                   AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core (upgradeable)
  • motherboard:  B550 AMD AM4 ATX MB
  • memory:          16GB DDR4 3200/3600 (upgradeable)
  • video card:       Nvidia GTX 1660 6GB graphics card (upgradeable) 
  • storage 1:        500GB SSD drive m.2 (upgradeable)
  • storage 2:        2TB HDD hard drive
  • cpu cooling:    cpu air cooling (upgradeable)

NEXT STEPS (scroll down)

  1. choose the case that you want or stick with the included case.
  2. choose a main and trim color for your case (free)
  3. consider upgrading components if needed (optional)
  4. add video capture card if you plan on console streaming (optional)
  5. customize your build even more with our add ons (optional)
  6. add to cart, and proceed to checkout and that's it.

We cant wait to build your next PC. We are also available to chat if you have any questions at all. Click the chat button on the bottom right side of your screen.


Jurney Starter: Ryzen 5 PC for Gaming And Streaming

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