intel i7 gaming pc
intel i7 gaming pc
Skylight i7 Gaming Desktop
intel i7 gaming pc
blue custom painted computer case
purple custom computer case
intel i7 gaming pc
Skylight i7 Gaming Desktop
skylight intel i7 gaming desktop


Simply quiet a powerful gaming pc. Intel i7 remains the most popular CPU among elite gamers. You are now a Real Gamer. You need a PC that can handle your level of gaming and this Build is just for YOU.


  • cpu:                   Intel i7 10700k 8-core (upgradeable)
  • motherboard:  Intel Z590 ATX MB
  • memory:          16GB DDR4 3200/3600 (upgradeable)
  • video card:      Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card (upgradeable) 
  • storage 1:        1TB SSD drive m.2 (upgradeable)
  • storage 2:        2TB HDD hard drive
  • cpu cooling:    120/240 mm cpu liquid cooling (upgradeable)

NEXT STEPS (scroll down)

  1. choose the case that you want or stick with the included case.
  2. choose a main and trim color for your case (free)
  3. consider upgrading components if needed (optional)
  4. add video capture card if you plan on console streaming (optional)
  5. customize your build even more with our add ons (optional)
  6. add to cart, and proceed to checkout and that's it.

We cant wait to build your next PC. We are also available to chat if you have any questions at all. Click the chat button on the bottom right side of your screen.


Skylight i7 Gaming Desktop

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